We can supply the TDS and MSDS for the TMS 30000 Polymer suitable for construction sealants and adhesives for low tin content products with tin metal content below the  0.1 percent content limit . This Polymer processes similar to PU prepolymer, without the free NCO and solvent content. 

 The DMS 10000 Polymer is processed with PCC powders containing some moisture, and are dried in the trishaft mixer with vacuum and high shear. The Polymer can use varying amounts for Plasticizer to manufacture sealants and adhesives in the shore A range of 35 to 65 with high toughness and good elongation. TDS and MSDS are available if you contact us or our sales agents.

 Sealants that need painting can also be manufactured with the DMS 10000 Polymer, as the urea content allows adhesion of alkyd and water based paints , which is much better than modified silane technology polymer.

Please contact us for more information in confidence.  These Polymers are made in Australia with TOLLMAN as our manufacturing Partner. Their website is www.tollman.net.au .

Please contact sales@wolantech.com to get the latest TDS and MSDS for the TMS 30000 Polymer,and the DMS 10000 Polymer.